Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It is fixed, masculine, and the second sign of winter corresponding to the time of year when roots are beginning to grow. The Sun moves into this sign on 20 or 21 January, where it stays until 19 or 20 February, depending on the year.


Impulsive, nervous, dynamic temperament, stimulated by excellent reflexes. Prompt reactions and ability to adapt to the most varied circumstances, to assimilate passing ideas, trends and values, and to seize opportunities. Taste for sudden adventure, immediate commitments, novelty, originality, modern techniques, progressive ideological currents of thought. Independent temperament that is flexible, understanding, diplomatic, tolerant or even permissive, altruistic, fraternal, but also unstable, wild, sometimes lacking discipline, rebellious or mutinous, devoid of self-esteem and loyalty. The need to feel united, to be comforted, to collaborate, to have many friends, may hide a difficulty to love, or compensate for the lack of exclusive or constant feelings. Aquarians are very open-minded, non-conformist, liberated, inquisitive, adventurous; they like to experiment, are inventive, cultivate the art of paradox whilst knowing how to put situations into perspective. They love to surprise, to contradict, to be the devil's advocate or to argue with the absurd. They have a total lack of ambition, apart from the wish to acquire and retain their freedom. Either liberal or libertine and also lenient for themselves and others, those born under Aquarius show sincere solidarity with their loved ones.


It is sometimes hard to accept that the warm sharing Aquarian can be the same person who is so independent that they also appear cold and distant. But the paradoxes of the Aquarian are at the heart of their personality and how they conduct their lives. To understand or maintain a relationship with an Aquarian requires patience and a degree of stubbornness but there are rewards as they make loyal, practical and original thinking companions.


Aquarians need a career that offers them independence and a way to express their ideas and creativity that is individual and original to them. The Aquarian is not suited to regimented office life or any job that is dogged with petty rules and regulations. Their caring humanitarian skills are often put to good use working for charity or the underprivileged. Although they are ambitious it is not for material gain but for the freedom they can gain from the right career.


Aquarians can not bear to be tied down in any way either mentally or physically and they can find a close emotional relationship - or even the prospect of one - something they cannot tolerate. They might find it takes them years to commit to just one person. Just as the Aquarian parent can be too liberal, the Aquarian child can be very wayward with a desire to do their own thing from a very early age. Recognising that their non-Aquarian children might appreciate order and regularity is important for the Aquarian parent just as choosing the right school and method of discipline are key factors in the parent/child relationship for the Aquarian child.


Aquarians generally enjoy good health and their sense of self-discipline makes them moderate their diet and take the appropriate exercise naturally. They are prone to difficulties with their circulation and nervous system and their ankles are a particular weak spot. Great care should be taken with winter sports and similar activities!