Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is cardinal, feminine and the first sign of winter, corresponding to the time of year when the nights are longer than the days. The Sun moves into Capricorn on 20 or 21 December, where it stays until 19 or 20 January, depending on the year.


A cold temperament with slow rhythms and reflexes and a limited vitality, but redeemed by a very elaborate self-defence system, a will to be self-sufficient and to rely only on oneself. Tendency to mistrust all that is not rational or coherent. Deeply set in the present and planning the future very carefully, Capricorns devote themselves to an ambition, a sole long-term aim or objective, in order to protect themselves from the unforeseen. They have a sense of duty and responsibilities, and are self-disciplined. They tend to be hard, rigid, demanding, selective. Men and women of integrity, their temperament is introverted, serious, rigorous, proud, inclined to pessimism, occasionally self-centred, misanthropic or closed to the feelings and needs of others, occasionally very diplomatic. Those born under Capricorn need to acquire convictions and certainties through experience. They are endowed with a logical mind, are astute, lucid, analytical, cautious, sceptical, stoical, rational. Psychologically, this sign corresponds to self-awareness revealed through perception. This leads Capricorns to isolate themselves in order to be able to exploit all their inner resources. In love, they do not show their feelings much, but are sincere and faithful.


Capricorns can be rather pessimistic and cold individuals or they can have a great sense of humour. They can be confident, self-disciplined and ambitious or they can be negative, rigid and lacking in confidence. Which is the true Capricorn?

The answer is either or a mixture of both! Capricorns can be a paradox and other elements in their birth chart will, of course, greatly influence their personality and character. But in general Capricorns are practical and careful, they are calculating and don't commit themselves lightly to a course of action.


At work Capricorns are motivated and disciplined. They are not afraid of responsibility, in fact they relish tasks and projects that are their own. Often a Capricorn will manipulate others so that they can achieve independence and autonomy. This can be interpreted as ambition, and indeed some Capricorns are ambitious, but it is more likely to be a Capricorn getting their own way. Capricorns fare best in structured careers that have a set path of promotion and achievement.


Capricorns can appear distant and cold to their partners and indeed some of them find it difficult to show their emotions. A Capricorn likes to have the practical side of a relationship sorted out before they commit but they do make loyal and faithful partners.

Capricorns are very conventional and a Capricorn child may need encouragement to let his hair down and enjoy himself.


Capricorns are not noted for over-indulgence and usually follow a healthy diet and exercise pattern naturally. They like the open air, reading and listening to music so relaxation is not a problem. They need to take special care of their skin, teeth and joints.