Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. It is a mutable sign, which closes the spring cycle and corresponds to the flowering season. The Sun enters the sign of Gemini on 20 or 21 May and leaves on 20 or 21 June, depending on the year.


Nervous and emotional temperament, an agile mind, full of curiosity and intelligence, that may lack concentration. Carefree and light-hearted attitudes often lead to irresponsible behaviour. Tendency to play one's life rather than live one's life, not to take oneself seriously but to behave like an eternal teenager. Identifying with others can be by unconscious imitation, as a game or in the hope to discover one's true personality. Need for sympathy, contact and dialogue. Flexible temperament, changing, adaptable, easily influenced. Open, fluid critical mind, sometimes unstable or hesitant. Sense of humour, awareness of the present. A good speaker and communicator. Psychologically, Geminis are often very keen to understand themselves better and want to question their attitudes and motivations but they are one of the most complex and volatile signs of the zodiac. Understanding their psychological motivation is further complicated by their tendency to behave as they believe they should, rather than as they truly are. For Geminians, love is more coloured by fantasy and imagination than by emotion. Never quite taken in by their own feelings or those felt for them, they are better at love games than emotional commitments.


Geminis are logical, quick-witted and able to communicate well. They are intelligent but can be superficial, knowing too little about too much. They have a strong independent streak and cannot understand jealousy or possessiveness.

Many Geminis are eternally youthful and have a lively interest in other people as well as what is going on around them.. They need change and a constant stream of stimuli to feed this zest for life.

Gemini is the first dual sign - the twins of the zodiac. This duality is strongly reflected in the Gemini personality, not only in their desire to have several things on the go at the same time but also in the way that having a twin is like looking into a mirror, you can see your actions reflected. A Gemini will often behave how they think they should rather than how they really want to.


Without a doubt Geminis should try and use their communication skills when it comes to a career. They are naturally drawn to the media and make good journalists as well as visual communicators.

Geminis are also good at selling and may find advertising a stimulating profession.

They need constant change and company in their working environment - a boring predictable job is not for the true Gemini. Geminis are financially astute but have to guard against spreading themselves too thinly and not paying enough attention to detail.


Geminis can be difficult partners. They are easily bored and their constant need for a new horizon to explore and conquer can mean they find committing to a steady relationship rather a chore. However once they have found their soul mate they make a lively, funny companion. Life will never be dull!

Geminis need a partner who is steady and secure with his or her own opinions. Someone who can share at least some of the Geminis' many interests but not be overwhelmed by them.

Geminis make fun parents and the child of a Gemini parent will never lack outings and creative projects to occupy them.


Everything about the Gemini personality is reflected by their physical and mental wellbeing. They need and enjoy lots of exercise, sport and physical hobbies. They won't stick to anything that is boring or too routine. Mentally they must have an outlet for their nervous energy and you will rarely find a Gemini who doesn't have at least two projects on the go at the same time.