Leo, fifth sign of the zodiac, is a fixed, masculine sign, the second sign of summer; it coincides with the time of year when the fruits of nature abound. The Sun enters Leo on 22 or 23 July, where it stays until 22 or 23 August depending on the year.


Intense, passionate and dominating temperament. Endowed with great self-confidence, sometimes presumptuous, always ambitious, and able to accomplish or to obtain with relative ease and simplicity what seems complicated or impossible to others. Lack of flexibility and appropriateness, which is redeemed by a strong, assertive willpower, a pronounced desire for power and unwavering self-control. A temperament which is frank, loyal, authoritarian, daring and over-proud, magnanimous or demanding. Leos have a clear awareness of their abilities and possibilities and a natural and spontaneous inclination to exploit and benefit from all their assets. They even have a tendency to identify with all the riches they have made their own. Their mind is turned towards great ideas, noble and generous feelings, and is so sensitive to the concepts and theories they apply and incarnate to perfection that they are often given credit for their creation. They need to be in the limelight, to be loved, admired, approved of. They have a taste for luxury, material comfort and affluence. For Leos, love is a reciprocal feeling, based on unfailing mutual respect. Very possessive, they give their loved one no freedom.


Leos are warm, generous and big-hearted. They have an inner warmth which radiates (like the Sun) and encompasses all those who fall within their circle. They have a zest and enthusiasm for life which is not matched by any of the other signs of the zodiac.

Leos have powerful, dominant personalities and they like to impose their considerable will on others.

Because Leos have so much energy and ability they need to be well-organised and indeed this can be the key to their success.

Leo has always been recognised as a sign of great creativity and those born under this sign will always find a way to express this creativity.


Leos often have interesting and exciting careers. They can be involved in obviously creative fields, such as art, craft and the theatre but they also love the high life so this can be an interesting combination! The typical Leo is ambitious because they are driven by their energy as well as a desire to earn money to pay for the luxuries they enjoy so much.

Leos make good bosses although they can be autocratic, overbearing and too demanding.


Leos will always have a tendency to dominate in a relationship, this can be between partners, siblings or even parent to child. It is a tendency that should be curbed but this needs to be done with care. Leos may seem amazingly confident and outgoing but they can be very sensitive and they don't take criticism too well. Always make sure that any criticism is constructive or you may find your Leo completely crushed.

Leos are sensual lovers and their enjoyment of luxury is carried through to the bedroom. They love to be pampered and flattered and make broad-minded and demonstrative partners.


Leos are always on the go with a host of interests to keep them busy. Their natural vitality stands them in good stead but they need to be careful of overdoing things. They should take time to relax and just about the only time a Leo will slow their pace is on a lazy summer holiday.

Leos need to watch their diet as they are fond of rich foods in large amounts. Regular exercise is usually no problem to a Leo so this is one good way of keeping fit and healthy. Because they are naturally sociable and gregarious, team sports or joining a health club are perfect Leos.