Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It is a cardinal, feminine sign, the first sign of autumn, a time corresponding to the distribution and fair allocation of crops. The Sun enters Libra on 22 or 23 September where it stays until 22 or 23 October, depending on the year.


A temperament that is, or tries to be, well-balanced, and always fair. A tendency to distrust any violent or definite commitment. Refusal to use force. Qualified use of power, based on a subtle desire to lay down one's law by respecting moral rules, the needs and feelings of others. Inborn sense of the law and particularly social order, due to a pernickety concern for justice and equity. Refined, gentle, understanding, delicate and affectionate nature. Composed, sociable, pleasant temperament, sometimes easily influenced, hesitant or undecided. Yearns for harmonious serene relationships, based on mutual respect and esteem.

Fussy, perfectionist and critical mind, sensitive to the arts, finery and beauty. Psychologically, this sign corresponds to the awareness of one's independence and the choices it requires. Consequently, it seems that those born under Libra prepare for independence whilst preserving their gains. The quest for compromise is always present. Preparing is as important as doing. In love, Librans rule out passionate relationships. Their feelings submit to their lucid mind, their inborn sense of beauty and a vital need for harmony.


Librans are easy-going, sociable and relaxed. Their key words are balance and harmony and they seek to establish this in all areas of their lives. They are fair and compassionate and love to be happy and for those around them to be happy, too. Because they are always looking for a point of balance they can be indecisive, forever weighing up the pros and cons of a situation and never actually deciding.


There is no particular career that springs to mind as a truly 'Libran' vocation. Because they enjoy money, the luxuries of life and giving to others, Librans will always need to be in a job that pays well. They will be fulfilled by work that employs their diplomatic skills and allows them to indulge their sense of fair play. They make good bosses but prefer to be part of a team than to manage autocratically. Librans are often highly creative and should try to find an expression for this in their work.


Librans are always looking for true love and are incurably romantic. Their ideal is a long term, peaceful relationship; they are less interested in passion, although this is part of the balance they try to achieve, and more dedicated to harmony. They are not afraid to commit when it comes to relationships but should beware of keeping the peace at all costs. This is particularly true in the parent/child relationship. A Libran parent can definitely be a soft touch, giving in to tantrums and demands.


Librans are renowned for their sweet tooth. As in every other area of their lives they need to aim for balance in their diet. The kidneys are the organ associated with the sign of Libra and should be taken special care of - drinking lots of water is important. Balance should be the aim for exercise, too. Librans are suited to slow, regular exercise, preferably in a social atmosphere, rather than short sharp bursts of strenuous activity.