The sign of Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. It is mutable, feminine, and the third sign of winter, corresponding to the thaw. The Sun moves into Pisces on 19 or 20 February where it stays until 20 or 21 March, depending on the year.


Emotional temperament that is very up and down, anxious, vague but unexpectedly resourceful and therefore very resilient. Great mental receptivity, with a subtle ability to adapt to the most varied circumstances; innate gift to sense the qualms and feelings of others, to anticipate events or make the most of pleasant situations. Latent spiritual or mystical aspirations and potentially rich creative imagination. Taste for the arts, for poetry and all that is romantic and lyrical. Temperament that is very kind by nature, compassionate, understanding, sweet, affectionate, susceptible, easily influenced, impressionable. Extremely emotional, perceptive, imaginative. Able to rise above the level of material reality, and become open to impressions which may leave Pisceans either confused, incoherent or else brilliant and inspired. Those born under Pisces have a tendency to experience irrational anxieties, to take refuge in their own fictitious world, and to run away from confrontation or conflict. However, they can rise to a challenge, they are idealistic, have an instinctive need to participate in the joys and sufferings of others and an inborn sense of community. In love, Pisceans aspire to complete carnal and spiritual union. They sublimate their own feelings.


The person born under the sign of Pisces will have some wonderful characteristics. They are kind, caring and compassionate and make true and loyal friends. They are imaginative, creative and soulful which often expresses itself in an arty way. They are intuitive and open to all sorts of experiences which means they can experience life to the full. But all these amazing qualities can be wasted if they are too idealistic and weak-willed - also typically Piscean traits.


Pisceans need a flexible and varied career that makes the most of their qualities. The caring professions are ideal as is any sort of work that involves them directly with people and their problems. They can also be attracted to glamorous or creative professions but money is not their strong point and they should be careful to seek out sound financial advice and stick to it!


The Pisces person can make a wonderful, caring and sensitive partner and lover but they can also be too romantic and emotional. They need a partner who keeps their feet firmly on the ground and doesn't allow them to over-dramatise or exaggerate situations. The Pisces parent may find parenthood difficult with a child who has more pragmatic characteristics. They may want to make everything exciting and imaginative where their child may long for a more solid, routine existence. With the Pisces child it is often necessary to stress the importance of honesty. All that imagination can lead to situations where nothing is their fault!


The Piscean temperament can lead to real and imagined problems with health. Basically they are very sensitive and change, unpleasant circumstances or even the problems in the world at large can affect them. They can suffer from headaches and nervous stomach. Alternative therapies, yoga and a holistic approach to their health, often work better than drugs.