Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is mutable, masculine and the last sign of autumn, coinciding with the time of year when seeds begin to germinate. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 21 or 22 November, where it stays until 20 or 21 December depending on the year.


A temperament that is dynamic, didactic, healthy, serene and very resourceful. In a subconscious way, Sagittarians aspire to live in new conditions, in a new context, a different background to which they will adapt easily. They have a tendency to oversimplify and to see things under a firmly optimistic light and even, occasionally, to ignore or obscure problems. They enjoy physical bonding with nature, competition, adventure, exploration, travels. They need to experience a change of scenery, to express their emotions, to be at one with their environment and enjoy it to the full. They are sympathetic, generous, jovial, honest at times, na´ve or ingenuous, they constantly seek changes, and at times can be generous, moralistic and benevolent. Fundamentally they have a great deal of goodwill. They flee from complications, marked by a certain philosophy of life which is occasionally religious. They are anxious to renew, renovate or revive tradition, without ever disowning the past. In love, those born under Sagittarious are very warm, affectionate, demonstrative and all-embracing. The Sagittarian heart gets carried away. His feelings are frank, loyal and straightforward, however, they often blind him, and his need for physical, bodily contact sometimes makes him very demanding.


The energy and enthusiasm of Sagittarians is found in all areas of their lives. They are always full of plans and ideas for new projects and they like nothing better than an exciting challenge. Their main problem is focusing on one thing at a time and finishing what they begin. Sagittarians often have great intellectual capacity coupled with insight and perception which can make them mentally formidable.


Sagittarians, by nature, do not like to be confined and a job that limits them either physically or intellectually is to be avoided. They are not over ambitious or materialistic but they need to be fulfilled and stimulated. They like to pass on their knowledge to others either directly by teaching or by writing or creating for others.


Sagittarians make lively companions and they are always full of plans for romantic or social occasions. They do not like to be restricted and even if they are in a totally committed relationship they like to feel that they have a degree of personal freedom. A jealous, possessive or very demanding partner would not last very long. Sagittarians can be blunt, although they would call it honesty. You need to be able to cope with this if you have a Sagittarian friend but on the other hand they would go miles out of their way to do you a favour.

They make good parents, their nurturing qualities are second to none and they are also good fun!


Sagittarians generally love sport so taking exercise should pose no problems. These can come if they are over-enthusiastic especially as they get older. They would be wise to remember that muscles need to warm up before they are subjected to a frenzied work-out!

They love food and drink, particularly savoury, spicy food so there can be a tendency to put on weight especially around the hips and thighs.