Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. It is a fixed, masculine sign; the second sign of autumn, coinciding with the sowing season. The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on 22 or 23 October where it stays until 21 or 22 November, depending on the year.


Instinctive, impulsive and aggressive temperament, but capable of great self-control. Intense curiosity stimulated by a desire to search for reality. Pronounced taste for mysteries, secrets, enigmas to be resolved, in-depth studies or analysis. Very lively psychic awareness conferring a kind of sixth sense. An indestructible passive resistance, aggressive and tenacious will to reach one's own ends by taking calculated risks. Passionate, demanding, uncompromising, resentful, wild temperament, unable to cope with half-measures or compromises, and always determined to go to the end, even if it means self-sacrifice. Penetrating, provoking, critical, aggressive and manipulative mind. Those born under Scorpio enjoy pushing their opponents back to their ultimate line of cover; they like to manipulate, to plot, to scheme and to dominate intellectually, without appearing to do so. They may react violently or brutally when their feelings are questioned, betrayed, prejudiced, or rejected. Their ambition is reserved rather than obvious, but always essential and occasionally obsessional. Scorpio love is visceral, absolute, passionate, complex, mystical or mysterious. Scorpios yearn to be seduced through their senses and their mind, to possess body and soul, and to thrive on the object of their love.


One of the most marked aspects of those born under the sign of Scorpio is their energy. This can express itself in many ways but it is a driving force that every Scorpio must learn to harness and use rather than allow it to dominate them.


Scorpios like material comfort and security but they are prepared to work to achieve it. The Scorpio energy can be seen in the work place where they will be hard-working, dynamic employees or ambitious, high achieving employers. Creative, demanding work is a good outlet for Scorpios, giving them a sense of purpose and fulfilment.


Scorpios are renowned for being jealous and this is not surprising given the intensity of their feelings. Most Scorpios will pursue and begin a new relationship with their usual drive and passion and it can be a while before they realise that the basis of the relationship might not be solid. However, once a Scorpio has found the right partner they can be an amazing companion and lover, as all their energies are channelled into the relationship. Scorpios are one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac! Beware though of the Scorpio's love of secrecy, it can take a while to trust them.


Scorpios need to achieve control over their health as much as the other areas of their life. They can be prone to over-indulge in all the wrong things and this needs to be curbed. Exercise should be rhythmical and steady. It doesn't need to be boring and slow but Scorpios should guard against sudden bursts of mad activity.