Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is a fixed, feminine sign, the second sign of spring, coinciding with nature's period of reproduction. The Sun enters Taurus on 20 or 21 April and leaves on 20 or 21 May, depending on the year.


Calm, stable, peaceful temperament, but also possessive and jealous. Lack of curiosity and enthusiasm for the unknown, resulting in a vital need for security. Tendency to mistrust all that is supernatural or against nature. Liking for stable and material things in their life. Constructive and realistic. Patient and determined desire to acquire everything necessary for physical well being. Sanguine, controlled, sensual, and very sentimental temperament, sometimes selfish, but altruistic towards loved ones. A desire for normality, simplicity and conformism which can lead to a narrow-minded outlook. Stubborn, rational, methodical mind. Slow assimilation of facts and little desire to change established viewpoints.

Psychologically, this sign represents the need to set up a comfortable home and derive pleasure from hard work. Little ambition, but a need for ownership and the material things in life can lead Taureans to become too eager in their search to satisfy their desires. A Taurus in love is a heart getting carried away and an irrepressible sexual energy but the result of that can be a long-lasting relationship based on a healthy sexuality.


Taureans are methodical and steady and like to have order in everything around them. They are warm-hearted, loyal and loving and function best in a steady, stable environment. Taureans are full of common sense and make good listeners - they will always provide a shoulder to cry on as well as giving practical advice

Taureans have to guard against being too possessive and jealous and they can be resentful if their security is threatened. Taureans are renowned for being stubborn!


Because Taureans like material comfort and possessions they need to earn a good salary. They are prepared to work hard for their rewards and are naturally good at balancing the books. A career in finance or banking is often a possibility although they also have a natural affinity with nature and the soil, so are often to be found in farming or horticulture. Whatever career a Taurean chooses it has to be steady - they are not at their best in an unstable financial situation, however great the rewards.


Comfort is the key word for Taureans in their relationships. They will be loving, generous, sensual partners if they feel loved and secure in return. A long-term relationship is ideal and enables a Taurean to flourish and grow emotionally but they should be aware of their basic faults, stubbornness and possessiveness, which can lead to difficulties in partnerships. The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus so their love life is of great importance.

Taureans make excellent parents as one of their prime concerns is to provide a secure and comfortable home for their family. They must guard against spending too much time earning the money to provide this and therefore not having enough time to devote to their actual family life.


A love of physical comfort and a feeling of wellbeing can make some Taureans rather lazy. Add to this a love of food and eating and you can easily see that Taureans may have to battle with their weight. They do enjoy exercise but again, true to their basic personality, they prefer their exercise to be steady: golf and walking are two favoured activities.

The area of the body associated with the sign of Taurus is the throat. Care should be taken against tonsillitis, upper respiratory illnesses and problems with thyroid gland.

Taureans generally enjoy good health and they are regarded as some of the most physically attractive people in the zodiac.