Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. It is mutable, feminine, and the third sign of summer; it corresponds to the time of harvest and management of crops. The Sun enters the sign of Virgo on 22 or 23 August and leaves on 22 or 23 September, depending on the year.


Calm and inward-looking temperament, careful to protect itself and save its energy. Inborn sense of the present time, with a marked interest for the practical details of material life. Tendency for self-withdrawal, reserve, non-expression of feelings and emotions, but redeemed by a very obliging nature, a vital need to make oneself helpful and justify one' actions. Introverted, temperate, scrupulous, lacking in spontaneity and inclined to a guilt complex. Critical and self-critical mind, which is also sceptical, ingenious, methodical, calculating, perceptive, and shows great finesse in its sense of humour. Sense of organisation and commerce. Taste for analysis, precise work, specialisation. Those born under Virgo are health conscious, particularly as their anxieties and apprehensions are often the cause of emotionally induced problems affecting bodily functions. Emotions may lead Virgoans to lose sight of their rational way of thinking and knock down their boundaries in relationships. Doubts and curiosity may cast a shadow over their faithfulness which is the result of integrity and the need to feel secure.


Virgoans are the worriers of the zodiac and they need to find a way to achieve balance and inner calm. This can be by harnessing their considerable practicality or by learning to take a broader view of life and any issues that trouble them. It is a natural Virgoan trait to become embroiled in the detail of a situation and this can lead to narrow-mindedness and pointless criticism.

Those born under the sign of Virgo are usually talkative, friendly and obliging - they like to make themselves useful to others.


Virgoans are good with money, making shrewd and careful investors. They are not renowned for their ambition and are often happiest in a job where they are fulfilling a function or carrying out orders. They often lack faith in their own abilities and this can hold them back in their profession. Their strong streak of practicality makes them good employees.


Virgos are by nature modest and they can find forming and maintaining a close relationship a stressful process. Again their lack of faith in themselves can make them question their attraction to their partner and if this becomes too self degenerating it can damage the relationship. However, a successful relationship can also be a great boost to a Virgo and help in achieving a more balanced outlook on life.

Virgoans make diligent parents as nothing is too much trouble for their children, they work hard to ensure that the home environment is as welcoming as possible.


Because Virgoans have a tendency to worry and fuss they have to be very careful of their health. They are particularly prone to bowel disorders and indigestion which are stress related. They respond well to a vegetarian or wholefood diet. Virgoans can also be prone to allergies which can be helped by paying attention to their diet. Key words for Virgoans are relaxation, balance and harmony in all areas of their life.